Nirjara Santhosh
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My Family


My Daddy is the best! He loves bouncing me up and down, and twirling me around. He also likes to play games which i enjoy.My daddy works very hard. He is working as manager with a MNC heading Asia , Pacific. He is sad when he leaves out of station for work,leaving me and mom. When he is back from his trip he gets for me lottt of toys!


My mommy loves spending her days and nights with me. She used to be a lecturer. Now she is a full-time mommy and is very happy. She loves taking me to park and play with me.

Mommy plans on returning to her career once I enter the first grade. Until then, she says she wants to experience every milestone with me.

I love my Mom and Dad.

Grand Parents

I like my Grand Parents a

I like to hear stories and play with them.
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