Nirjara Santhosh
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Nirjara was due to be born on June 2nd. I had a feeling that she would arrive early, but I had no idea just how early it would be! On the morning of May23, Santhosh left for work as usual. Evening we got the scanning done and baby was expected in a day or two. The weather was very bad it was raining heavily.I could barely get around at this point. I was sitting on the couch it was around 7.30 p.m, when I stared going into labor.Mom  called Santhosh.We were off to the hospital, eagerly looking forward to meeting our beautiful baby. We did not know if we were having a girl or a boy.We all expected it was a girl, however. I was admitted as soon as we reached the hospital. The whole night was tough for me and mom... Next day at 11.14 a.m our precious Nirjara was born. I still remember Santhosh all excited and happy, rushing from labour room to share this news to mom, relatives and friends.5 days later on May 29th, Nirjara came home with us.She seemed very comfortable with her surroundings. She was content and not fussy.We had, what seemed like, an endless parade of visitors. Not only was Nirjara showered with gifts, she was showered with love.

We enjoy every possible moment with Nirjara
         My first outing was to           Veerbhoomi, Coorg.

Some facts:

  • Am now 4 year old.
  • Love to go to school.
  • Studying in Sophia High School, in Preparatory.
  • My favourite teachers Ms. Fernandes and Ms. Liyan
  • I like to draw and colour a lottt..
  • I like to work on Dad's laptop .
  • I am learning Bharatnatyam dance.
  • I like to hear stories and watch cartoons
  • I like to travel and dine out :)
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